Lauren Edwards: Content Strategist

Lauren Edwards is an experienced writing coach with 10 years of public relations expertise – first with A&R Partners, and then with Edelman.   Lauren gives some of the best writing advice I have ever read.   I’ve trained people how to write for specific audiences – primarily the lending, investing, and venture capital community.  This ain’t easy.  I write intuitively and […]

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Writing and Editing

I like to think of writing and editing the way a boxer might think of his fists.  One’s steel, the other is iron.  If one don’t get ya, the other one will. For me, the writing process is chaotic, disorderly, and powered entirely by imagination.  Whether I’m writing website content, brochure copy, book reviews, business plans, or fiction, I channel

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Freelance Writers and Networking

Two days after I parted ways with my job, I had my first client as a solopreneur.  How?  Because of networking.  Networking has been one of the biggest power boosts to my career as a Portland freelance writer. In fact, my current active client list is composed largely of referrals from my networking group, the Portland-based Northwest Networking Professionals. So,

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Employee Happiness

I recently came across an article  (via Guy Kawasaki on Twitter) about how employers can boost the happiness of their employees.   The article is a Q&A between Matthew May and Gretchen Ruben.  Mr. May is a design/innovation strategist and author, and Ms. Ruben is the author of The Happiness Project, a memoir of  her year spent defining happiness. The entire

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Captain Obvious

I really need to update this blog more often.  I’m involved in a social media project, I just finished writing content for another website, and have at least one other website content writing project about to begin … and yet, I can’t even regularly update my own blog! Gaaah! lol. More soon!

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Movies for Freelancers

Lest you all think I’m just work, work, work all the time, I’m opening up this blog a little to talk about other interests … books, music, and films I enjoy.   Today I’ll talk a little about some of the films that helped inspire me to embark on a career as a freelance writer in Portland (okay, okay it ties

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Website Content Writing

People surfing the web for a certain product or service – such as graphic design – are already half-sold when they visit a website. Well-written website content makes your products/services enticing.  It compels the prospect to click “order,” “buy,” or “e-mail for more information.”  Badly-written copy does the opposite.   Confused or bored surfers will leave your site and go to

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Freelance Writing May

I’ve stayed steadily engaged with freelance writing all year, but May has been my busiest month as a freelance writer.  I hope this is a good indicator for the rest of the year (or summer, at least!) Here’s a run-down of May’s freelance writing projects so far: Technical writing project for the upcoming launch of Portland-based client I delivered

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Business Plan Writing

  Business plans are strange documents. Because they involve dream businesses, people tend to pour their emotions into them and lose all objectivity. Depending on your requirements, a business plan is an internal roadmap with milestones that you define. Or it’s a document you present to a bank officer for a loan. Or it’s a proposal you submit to angel

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Good Article for Freelance Writers

A recent “People@Work” article on AOL’s daily finance section focused on the 42 million U.S. freelancers. The article highlights a survey from the Freelancers Union about the lack of a safety net for freelancers, including unemployment insurance and a healthcare pool. It’s an important issue, and one I’ll be following. There should certainly be some kind of a safety net,

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