Freelance Writers and Networking

Two days after I parted ways with my job, I had my first client as a solopreneur.  How?  Because of networking.  Networking has been one of the biggest power boosts to my career as a Portland freelance writer. In fact, my current active client list is composed largely of referrals from my networking group, the Portland-based Northwest Networking Professionals. So, …

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Employee Happiness

I recently came across an article  (via Guy Kawasaki on Twitter) about how employers can boost the happiness of their employees.   The article is a Q&A between Matthew May and Gretchen Ruben.  Mr. May is a design/innovation strategist and author, and Ms. Ruben is the author of The Happiness Project, a memoir of  her year spent defining happiness. The entire …

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Captain Obvious

I really need to update this blog more often.  I’m involved in a social media project, I just finished writing content for another website, and have at least one other website content writing project about to begin … and yet, I can’t even regularly update my own blog! Gaaah! lol. More soon!

Movies for Freelancers

Lest you all think I’m just work, work, work all the time, I’m opening up this blog a little to talk about other interests … books, music, and films I enjoy.   Today I’ll talk a little about some of the films that helped inspire me to embark on a career as a freelance writer in Portland (okay, okay it ties …

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Website Content Writing

People surfing the web for a certain product or service – such as graphic design – are already half-sold when they visit a website. Well-written website content makes your products/services enticing.  It compels the prospect to click “order,” “buy,” or “e-mail for more information.”  Badly-written copy does the opposite.   Confused or bored surfers will leave your site and go to …

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Freelance Writing May

I’ve stayed steadily engaged with freelance writing all year, but May has been my busiest month as a freelance writer.  I hope this is a good indicator for the rest of the year (or summer, at least!) Here’s a run-down of May’s freelance writing projects so far: Technical writing project for the upcoming launch of Portland-based client I delivered …

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Business Plan Writing

  Business plans are strange documents. Because they involve dream businesses, people tend to pour their emotions into them and lose all objectivity. Depending on your requirements, a business plan is an internal roadmap with milestones that you define. Or it’s a document you present to a bank officer for a loan. Or it’s a proposal you submit to angel …

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Good Article for Freelance Writers

A recent “People@Work” article on AOL’s daily finance section focused on the 42 million U.S. freelancers. The article highlights a survey from the Freelancers Union about the lack of a safety net for freelancers, including unemployment insurance and a healthcare pool. It’s an important issue, and one I’ll be following. There should certainly be some kind of a safety net, …

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Freelance Writing additions

In the spirit of staying active (which I wrote about previously), I added a couple of writing examples to the Portfolio area of my website. One is an example of technical writing for a healthcare technology application. The other is an example of SEO writing, using high quality text and targeted keyword density. They’re both in PDF form to ensure …

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