Freelance Writing additions

In the spirit of staying active (which I wrote about previously), I added a couple of writing examples to the Portfolio area of my website. One is an example of technical writing for a healthcare technology application. The other is an example of SEO writing, using high quality text and targeted keyword density. They’re both in PDF form to ensure …

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Whew, got a lot of links added to a blog. A blog just ain’t right without links added, and I have a bunch of writers, editors, consultants, and fun sites to check out. So … happy clicking!

The Origin of Freelance

I love working with words. They are, after all, my main currency of exchange, 😉 One word that has always fascinated me is, “freelance.” It has a nice, “Old World” ring, doesn’t it? It conjures visions of horsemen raising their lances for a charge, sworn to no king. The term “freelance” was first coined by Sir Walter Scott in his …

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Staying Active

Before I became a freelance writer, I knew I’d hit a point where I’d be near the end of a writing or editing project and wonder, “what do I do next?” I needed to have a plan of action … or better yet, a plan to stay active. Staring at a project’s completion point, it can be easy to get …

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Liberate Your Bliss?

I’ve been a fan of mythologist/writer Joseph Campbell‘s books and appearances since I was a teen.  His famous phrase is, “Follow Your Bliss.”   It’s a lyrical way of saying, “always do what you love,” particularly in regard to your occupation. I believe that we all have things in our lives that make us happy.  Sometimes, though, we have a hard …

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Milestones and goals are important when you begin a new venture.  They keep you grounded and give you something to work toward, whether you are paying off debt, losing weight, learning to play the guitar … or staring your own business. When I decided to start my own freelance writing and editing business, I knew milestones would be critical. Now, …

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Website is finally live and populated.  🙂 !!!

New Tech

I stay at the bleeding edge of technology for professional and research purposes, but  I tend to be a late technology adopter, personally.   I resisted buying a cell phone for years, and the one I have now is fairly low tech, compared to the new smartphones.   I had a big, boxy Zenith television for ten years (a tube inside …

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Strange Horizons Review

Just a brief note to say that my review of The Martian General’s Daughter by Theodore Judson is up at Strange Horizons.  Let me know what you think!

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