Lauren Edwards is an experienced writing coach with 10 years of public relations expertise – first with A&R Partners, and then with Edelman.   Lauren gives some of the best writing advice I have ever read.   I’ve trained people how to write for specific audiences – primarily the lending, investing, and venture capital community.  This ain’t easy.  I write intuitively and a large part of teaching is analytical.

Lauren Edwards takes the intuitive and makes it teachable.  I learn more from her blog posts than entire books on writing.

I’m writing this blog post because, as of August 2010, Lauren is no longer an employee of Edelman.  She seeks a position as a content strategist or a science writer.  I believe Lauren would make a strong addition to any company.

Here are three reasons why:

Lauren Edwards holds your attention.

Read about the My Eyes Glaze Over (MEGO) effect and how you can write copy that avoids it here.

Lauren Edwards has the eyes of an eagle.

She is an Eagle Eye – a specially trained copyeditor who finds grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes that otherwise well-trained and college-educated professionals didn’t know were there.  Great advice here.

Lauren Edwards knows her audience.

In this excellent blog post that highlights her “teachable intuition,” Lauren demonstrates how to make PR and business writing use narrative structures. Read it all here.

Lauren has a staggering 28 recommendations on LinkedIn, and she also has 10 years of experience as a reporter (including time as an Associated Press journalist).

Hire Lauren Edwards.  Your company will be stronger for it.

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  2. I worked with Lauren Edwards for about a year and I could not agree more with Mahesh. Lauren brings so much to the table, in terms of her background, passion and knowledge. Any company would be VERY LUCKY to have Lauren on their team. Thanks Lauren for your expertise and insight, and thanks Mahesh for recognizing Lauren’s unique talent and worth.

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