Howdy!  I’ve had several blogs over the years (as the title implies, this is the fifth version), but this is the first time I’ve had one attached to a larger website (and the first time I’ve had a website!), so welcome to “Liberate Your Bliss.”

My name is Mahesh Raj Mohan, and aside from being a husband, son, and brother, I also write and edit.  Advertisements, articles, reviews, web content (optimized for SEO or not), fiction, and even haiku, I enjoy developing content of all kinds.  In fact, with the exception of canvassing for America Coming Together, all of my paying jobs have been related to writing or editing.

Of course, we are more than our occupations (well, I suppose I try to be,  heh heh), and in my non-writing/editing time, I enjoy many forms of science fiction.  I’ve been a science fiction fan (geek?) for most of my life, having been introduced to the stuff by my Mom and watching Star Wars at an impressionable age.  If you’re not careful, I’ll quote entire passages at you!  I also adore printed Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF), especially novels by Guy Gavriel Kay, Richard K. Morgan, and China Mieville and short stories by M.K. Hobson, M. Rickert, Albert Cowdrey, and Doug Lain.  For comics, I enjoy the immortal Alan Moore, of course, and new shining star Michael Jasper.

I also enjoy politics, although I prefer to listen and discuss than get into raging debates, although I’ve known to get, er, passionate rather quickly about subjects dear to me.

I’ve also played the guitar, off and on, since 2001.

I could go on and on, really, but that’s the cool thing about a blog.  You can write what you want, when you want.  And, besides, enough about me.

What about you?  What are your interests?

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