I like to think of writing and editing the way a boxer might think of his fists.  One’s steel, the other is iron.  If one don’t get ya, the other one will.

For me, the writing process is chaotic, disorderly, and powered entirely by imagination.  Whether I’m writing website content, brochure copy, book reviews, business plans, or fiction, I channel chaos.  I often write with iTunes or Pandora on.

Editing is formal, stately, orderly, and coolly analytical.  I usually need silence or go into a “zone” where I focus on words and go on a typo hunting spree.  I usually do several passes before I send the project to a client or market.

As a Portland freelance writer, my approach to writing and editing has remained the same over the years.  I enjoy doing both because they’re very different tasks.

When you say you’re a writer, what you do is pretty clear.  However, “editor” means different things to different people.  In my view, any business that has an editor dedicated to a different aspect of quality control is a good business.  Copy editing is different from line editing, which is different from proofreading.   Which, of course, is different than running an entire editing department or managing writers.  I’ve done all of the above.

If you need assistance developing a project, I love putting ideas into words.  If you have a project that needs editing, I love the refinement process. If both projects require multiple writers or editors, I’m acquainted with several talented individuals (locally and abroad) who can help.

Please contact me at:  maheshrajmohan@yahoo.com

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