Lest you all think I’m just work, work, work all the time, I’m opening up this blog a little to talk about other interests … books, music, and films I enjoy.   Today I’ll talk a little about some of the films that helped inspire me to embark on a career as a freelance writer in Portland (okay, okay it ties in a little to work, 😉 ) In fact, I watched these films on DVD around the time I gave notice at my former place of employment.  They definitely helped give me the courage to chart my own course.

Anvil:  The Story of Anvil. Anvil was as big as Metallica and Slayer in the early 80s, but this heavy metal band never achieved the same level of superstardom.  Now in their 50s, the founding members of Anvil work day jobs and play music on the weekends.   Several comeback attempts fail (all depicted in this documentary) … until the band lays everything on the line for one final shot at the brass ring.

Star Trek. This “reboot” of the Star Trek film series is anchored by Chris Pine’s portrayal of James T. Kirk.  A rebel who chafes against authority, he blossoms when his strengths – quick thinking, inventiveness, good right hook – prove invaluable to the crew of the Enterprise.

The Matrix.  The Matrix is almost a primer for entrepreneurs!  Neo starts out as Thomas Anderson, a worker drone at a nameless corporation.  Through a series of trials, he discovers that his reality is a construct.  He also finds out that he can shape his own reality – transforming once-fearsome obstacles into nuisances.

All films are about due diligence, working hard, and – most importantly –  not giving up, even when you’re up against seemingly insurmountable odds.   Sounds like the entrepreneurial/freelancing path to me, 🙂

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