Yesterday was good; today was tougher.  Yesterday, I wrote early in the morning, had lunch with my Mom, and then went straight to work on a project for a longstanding client.  My leg pain revealed itself as just a cramp (though a persistent one);  I haven’t been able to power walk yet, but I’ll be all right.

Today, our “middle-aged” forced-air gas furnace decided not to turn on (it has struggled with a loopy pressure switch for awhile), and so I had to call our HVAC guy while I had only written half my words.  Then I took on a time-sensitive new client project (one-day turnaround!)  And of course, as always, I parented (goes with the territory. :-))

I knew that attempting NaNoWriMo this year while still running my business, working from home, and running half the household would be a challenge.  I just didn’t want to let my responsibilities be excuses to not work on a project that means a lot to me.  I’ll write a bit more about the “why” in a near-future post.

So far, the sharing on social media has been fun.  Aside from family, I’ve gotten some nice encouragement from my friends, and that means a lot to me.  I’ve also made some new acquaintances.

So far, so good.

Day Two:  Success!

1,752 words

Day Three: Success!

1,680 words

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