I meant to write about my vacation a couple of months ago, but since the year is winding down, I thought I’d put this up now.  We all could use a dose (or a memory) of sunshine, after all, 😉

As an adult, vacations have always been strange for me.  (Every kid loves vacations!)

As a Portland freelance writer, vacations are even stranger than when I worked for someone else.   I love to work … I’m one of those annoying people.  It’s hard for me to switch that part of my brain.  But my wife Sara and I had been due for a vacation for many years now, and so off to vacation we went, in mid-October.

My new work schedule gave me the freedom to take off as much time as I wanted, so we spent several days in Hawaii, on Oahu, in a small community called Kailua (a residential area where the over-development of Waikiki is shunned by the residents).

I have to admit that any time I thought about the vacation, I couldn’t picture myself there.  That’s usually a big thing with me, being able to imagine what a place or setting will be like.   After the third day of vacation, I realized why.

I noticed time slow down.  I slowed down.   Portland can be a fairly chilly place most of the year (not complaining, I like that about this area), but we were both struck by how warm it was in Hawaii.  I tend to be warm-natured all the time, so the ambient heat was a big reason I slowed down, allowing me to appreciate my surroundings.  We pretty much spent our entire day at the beach.

I don’t think I could ever move to Hawaii and work there, because I’d never get any work done!

This respite helped me when I got back, and not only because of the “enforced” rest and relaxation.  I realized I couldn’t picture the place because it was so different from my usual life and expectations.  If there is one aspiration I have for 2011, it is to not let an inability to imagine stop me from doing something.

Oh, and to also enjoy a week or two without work!

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