I was tagged a few weeks again by my friend and freelance writer Natalia Sylvester to participate in the “7 Links Challenge,” which highlights previous blog posts.   And here is the fruit of my, er, labor.

Away we go!

1. Most Beautiful Post:  I really like the blog post from February 15, 2010 (my birthday) where I talk about re-starting my freelance writing/editing career.

2.  Most Popular Post:   Based on the number of comments, it’s my post on great screenwriting.

3.  Most Controversial Post:  It hasn’t been completely written yet.  But when it goes live, it’ll be a doozy, 🙂

4.  Most Helpful:  I think this post about not letting other people define you had some good advice.

5.  Most Surprisingly Successful:  Hands down, it’s my blog post from early last year on business plan writing.   I was just riffing broadly on my experiences, and, to this day, it is my most-viewed blog post. 

6.  Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved:  Oh there are so many, 😉  But I really like this blog post on website content writing.

7.  Post I Am Most Proud Of:  It’s a tie.  I wrote an online testimonial to the awesome Lauren Edwards, who gives some of the consistently best writing advice I have ever read.  I also am proud of my blog post about taking a much-needed vacation last year. 

There ya have it!  Hope you enjoyed the mutual trip down memory lane, 🙂

(And if you’re inclined to do your own 7×7 link post, consider yourself tagged!)

5 thoughts on “Freelance Writer: My 7×7 Links Post”

    1. Thanks Natalia! 🙂 And thanks again for tagging me; it was fun to think of the posts over the past few weeks.

      Yeah, Sara and I took a real vacation last year after years of four-day weekends to the Oregon coast or family get-togethers (both are nice, of course, but neither are Hawaii, ;-))

      We can't wait to go back!

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