I mentioned in my last post on this blog that I would be moving all topics related to my job as a freelance copywriter and editor to a new blog.  That worked out; I wrote several blog posts on copywriting or editing topics.  But I wanted to also write about the films I saw or stories I read, or I wanted to comment on the state of movie making or publishing.

I didn’t write about those topics at my new site, because my home page shows my latest blog post, and discussing Star Trek Into Darkness might be too cognitively dissonant for someone just trying to find info on my freelance writing services!

Meanwhile, this blog collected Internet dust.  I didn’t want to delete it, since it’s attached to my author and screenwriter website.  Some older posts remained  excellent lead generators for my small business.

And so, with the new year rolling around, I decided to engage in an experiment.  I will continue to discuss copywriting/editing/marketing at Enlighten Writing.  I will talk about anything not related to commercial freelance writing here.

I hope you’ll join the conversation.

If you arrived at this blog seeking my help on a business writing or editing project, head over to Enlighten Writing, where you’ll find lots of information on how I can help you!  Or you can send me an e-mail. 🙂

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