The Origin of Freelance

I love working with words. They are, after all, my main currency of exchange, 😉 One word that has always fascinated me is, “freelance.” It has a nice, “Old World” ring, doesn’t it? It conjures visions of horsemen raising their lances for a charge, sworn to no king. The term “freelance” was first coined by Sir Walter Scott in his …

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Liberate Your Bliss?

I’ve been a fan of mythologist/writer Joseph Campbell‘s books and appearances since I was a teen.  His famous phrase is, “Follow Your Bliss.”   It’s a lyrical way of saying, “always do what you love,” particularly in regard to your occupation. I believe that we all have things in our lives that make us happy.  Sometimes, though, we have a hard …

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Milestones and goals are important when you begin a new venture.  They keep you grounded and give you something to work toward, whether you are paying off debt, losing weight, learning to play the guitar … or staring your own business. When I decided to start my own freelance writing and editing business, I knew milestones would be critical. Now, …

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Strange Horizons Review

Just a brief note to say that my review of The Martian General’s Daughter by Theodore Judson is up at Strange Horizons.  Let me know what you think!


Howdy!  I’ve had several blogs over the years (as the title implies, this is the fifth version), but this is the first time I’ve had one attached to a larger website (and the first time I’ve had a website!), so welcome to “Liberate Your Bliss.” My name is Mahesh Raj Mohan, and aside from being a husband, son, and brother, …

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