Another Beginning

Mahesh Raj Mohan

I’ve had many blogs over the years. Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, my own domain … I had a blog on each one. When I founded my business, I thought it would be better to have content writing topics at Enlighten Writing, and other topics on a different blog. I joined the Rainmaker platform and then for awhile. Neither situation worked out for me. Rainmaker’s monthly costs didn’t pencil out, and Medium’s draconian rules started to wear on me.

So that led me back to blogging at my own domain, which I own. Because it’s based on my own name, which … uhhh, I own.


Subjects I want to discuss, or read about at all, are becoming more difficult to find. It’s more difficult to find in-depth topics about subjects that I think people might want to read about, too.

I have also amassed some knowledge. My YouTube channel (Enlighten Me) is helping others. I seem to be on the track track; the channel has about 100,000+ views.

On this blog, topics will fall into several categories:

Maybe New: Posts tagged with this category feature information I’ve read about or learned that you might find useful. Maybe it’s new for you!

Scene Reviews: I don’t often see an in-depth analysis (or in-depth analyses I agree with) about scenes in film, television, music, and so on. I plan to talk about why I think these scenes are significant.

Book Reviews: These will be full reviews of books, with spoiler warnings included.

Updates: I imagine that family and friends might be interested in this blog, so posts tagged with Updates will be about Life Stuff or updates about the blog itself.

Just a note: Some of the posts will be re-posts of articles I published elsewhere, but haven’t been available since I deleted those accounts.

Thank you for your time and interest, and I look forward to this new beginning with you!

Many thanks to Leslie Bourke of Bourke Design who designed the site for me and helped with troubleshooting!

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